A Portrait of Luxembourg, the City

A Portrait of Luxembourg, the City

The layout and the photographs of this book are the work of the Belgian photographer, Vincent Merckx. By a subjective and well-defined approach to the subject, he has chosen to focus on the architectural heritage of the city of Luxembourg, for which he had an instinctive appreciation of the facets characterizing its development. The photographs demanded repeated field trips to find exactly the sky, the light and the atmosphere desired. The camera angles and photographic details are often unexpected; the seasons play an importand role and the skies are often dramatic, in the tradition of Le Gray, resulting in carefully designed and timeless images that make a profound impression. The eye can feast upon these photos that exude a very special and individual atmosphere. The clear and detailed text by the Luxembourg archaeologist and historian, François Reinert, provides an indispensable guide touching on all stages of a thousand year-old urban evolution, placing the photographs into the historical and social context. Text in English, French, Dutch and German.

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